2WickedTees™ is all about helping people to laugh and have fun.  Sometimes even when it’s at their own expense.

Or sometimes it’s just Rusty trying to get attention.

Say hello to Rusty, our mascot.

Rusty works for 2WickedTees™  He does all sorts of stuff, from handling support requests to helping with shipping and accounts.  He also comes up with some of the slogans.  His sense of humor is pretty wicked.  How ironic?  Lucky he’s only a 2-dimensional character, otherwise,  we’d get in trouble for working him so hard.

Some of our T-Shirts will make people feel awkward.  Plenty of our T-Shirts are not politically correct and we make no apologies for that.  We’re often kinda “old school” in our beliefs.  Mainly ’cause we think lots of people focus on the wrong stuff in life.  Hey, not that we’re perfect – far from it.

There are many things in this world that are negative and may seem out of our control. Our T-Shirts are just our way of commenting on some of that stuff which may be good, bad or sometimes even ugly.

If you can send a video or pic of yourself wearing a 2WickedTees™ shirt Rusty will be super happy plus you might even win free shit.  Please don’t do anything illegal or something we can’t show the kids.

New T-Shirts – At the moment, some of the things we really care about but don’t know what we want to say or we haven’t come up with a good message for yet.

  • Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  • Japanese Whaling
  • Work/Life Balance/Harmony & Taking the piss out of capitalism
  • Fukushima Radiation Levels – Done !
  • Exploitation of the planet and it’s resources.  We don’t have the answers but we do have the desire to make a difference.
  • Getting on with life, don’t let small unimportant shit slow you down and embrace those around you.
  • The “Global Agenda”
  • Various other shit that just isn’t right with the world

Don’t confuse these things with a political agenda.  We are more apolitical or minimalist (but not ignorant), plus we think you can achieve more with love than hate.

Oh yeah, before I forget, if you think of a cool idea for a T-Shirt, send it to us. You might even win more free stuff.

If you agree with us then please support us by buying and wearing 2WickedTees™ T-Shirts or even better, send us a message with an idea for a T-Shirt and we’ll try and come up with an inspiring message or design.

If you don’t agree with any of our T-Shirt designs and feel super strongly about it and  you just need to vent, send your complaint to Rusty.  He will respond to your feedback.

He loves good feedback too.

Oh yeah and remember:   “Don’t worry, be happy”

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