Prove to your Family and Friends that you are 2Wicked, show them your limited edition 2WickedTees™ merchandise.

What’s great about limited edition shirts is that they do not appear on our web site, they are made for subscribers only.

Once you are a 2WickedTees™ Subscriber, we’ll send you:

In the first month:
– Limited Edition 2WickedTees™ Coffee Mug
– Limited Edition 2WickedTees™ Rusty T-Shirt
– 2 x 2WickedTees™ Pre-release T-Shirts
– 2WickedTees™ Dog Tags & Silver Chain 

Monthly thereafter
– a 2WickedTees™ pre-release or limited edition T-Shirt (subscriber only)
– 20% Discount off orders. 
(Valued at over $450) the Yearly fee is only $250

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Please note:
Sometimes 2WickedTees™ TShirts offend people when they are worn. If you receive a shirt that offends people around you, then you have a number of options:

  • Wear it more and enjoy the extra attention
  • Find someone who’s attention seeking and gift it to them
  • Let us know and we’ll probably take inspiration from it
  • Hide it in the bottom of your closet or wardrobe (be careful because anyone hiding inside may get offended).